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‘Tis the Season to be Sexy! Holiday Gift Guide

260 Ways to Improve a Relationship  

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And the nominees are… Canadian Sex-Industry Awards!

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Bite-sized Toronto July!

Bite-sized Toronto

Bits and Bites for Oh-Oh-Oh October

Bits and Bites of the Toronto Scene in Ahhhhhhgust

Blowing Everyone Away_ Camille Crimson

Boylesque and Beauties_ Stoo Metz

Breaking Down Sex Work Stereotypes_ April Fine

Bright Lights, Big Victory_ Saving the Cleo

Bring Home a New Lover

Bringing Communities Together at Sexuality Unconference

Bringing sex to unexpected places is the best use of it_ Eddie Stone

Bringing sexuality to women_ Kim Sedgwick

Canada’s Burlesque Royalty_ Roxi Dlite!

Capturing Lightning with High Voltage Burlesque

Carpe Diem Approach to Sex Education_ Lady Viktoria

Claudia Dey_ Helping Bush Pilots Earn Their Wings

Close Your Eyes and Let Your Thoughts Wander

Comedic Lustre and Sexy Finish_ Sparkle Plenty

Could Gonorrhea reach Superbug status?

Creating Dreaming Landscapes_ Chris Ablett

Dark and Deep_ Madelina Horn

Deviant Divas Dish on Sexy Stories

Diverse and Delicious_ Glamour Puss Burlesque

Diving Right In_ Simone K.

Don’t Hang Up Those Tassels Pandora LaGlamme!

Down in the Happy Valley of Pleasure

Education and Entertainment at Trans Cabaret

Endlessly Fascinated By Sex_ Olga Wolstenholme

Enjoy the Great Outdoors—End Up Behind Bars

Euphoric Femme_ women’s sexual imagery

Every Publisher Needs a Mistress in Charge_ Naughty Nights Press

Everyone Comes First at Sloppy Seconds

Evolving Cam Girl_ Melody Heart

Experience Pays Off_ MILF Escort and Porn Star Carrie Moon

Explore the Very Wide World of Fetish with Mistress T

Exploring the State of Unions_ Thoroughly Modern Marriage

Exposed Exposures_ My (limited) Experience Posing

Fantasies of the Writer_ Jennifer Labelle

Fetish on Film_ Vid Vicious

Fetish Photos for All_ Wil Boucher

Finally! Reactions to the changes to Ontario’s prostitution laws

Find Her On The Dial_ Dr. Laurie Betito

Finding the Answers in Her Lil’ Black Book

Friends and Fetish at Toronto TNG Munch

Friends, Edmontonians, Let Me Tan Your Rears_ Lupercalia Comes to Town

From Blank Wall to Full Minds, Hearts and More_ ToroGru3

From Raunch and Rock to Class and Sophistication_ The Firecrackers

Further Confessions_ Myna Wallin

Future Auto-Fellating King of Burlesque_ Peter Paranoia

Genesis of Play_ Loverboy

Gentlemen and Ladies Prefer Ava Noir

Get Out of Your Parents’ Basement for some Nerdlesque_ Browncoats Burlesque

Get Some Wood at Pink Velvet Burlesque’s 5-Year Anniversary Party!

Get Your Hands on Some Sexy Feet!

Getting BENT_ Toronto Sex Party Returns

Getting Creative With Intimacy_ Dr. Teesha Morgan

Giving Performance and Education A Boost_ Keith Cole

Glee and Skins make me yearn for Degrassi

Going For It and Revving it Up!_ Desirée Odessa

Gore, Glam, Gorgeous_ Demonica de Morte

Guiding the Way_ The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada

Happiness in Comfort_ Nikki Thomas

Happy Valley_ Okanagan Pride

Harder, Faster, Funnier_ The 69 Hour Film Challenge

Healing, Harmony and Hilarity in Sex Work_ Susan Davis

Hell yeah, Bi Men Exist!

Here Kitty Kitty_ Burgundy Brixx

His Fingerprints are Everywhere_ Daniel Allen Cox

Home-grown Talent_ REAL Productions

Hot for Sex_ A Tell-all Exhibition

I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to explore my kink and get off!_ Maxine X

Icon of Desire_ Keela Watts

Infidelity Doc Explores Why People Explore More

Inspiration Out of Challenges_ Mercedes Allen

Keep Up the Attitude_ Sexlife Canada Turns 1

Kickstarting Intimacy in Your Relationship

KINKston CARNALval_ Sexy fun for good causes

Laura Zilney_ Dr. Sex to the rescue

Legalities and Lust_ Looking Back on 2010

Let This Sexy Red Herring Distract You!

Looking for AFFIRMATION at Rhubarb Festival

Loosen Your Lusty Letters_ Erotic Writing with Myna Wallin

Lots of Risk, Great Reward_ Tristan Risk

Makin’ Us All Purr_ Swtlilkitty69

Making Erotica Fit_ Eden Baylee

Making Sweet Music_ Amber Goodwyn

Making the Rules_ Bella Bellini

Many Different Delicious Flavours_ Celebrating People of Colour in Porn

Meeting of the Sexy Minds at BENT

Men doing burlesque is still pretty new to most people_ Boylesque

Men on Film_ Drasko Bogdanovic

Misplaced Elbows and Feelings_ Tales of Awkard Sex

Montreal Magic at Fetish Weekend

Moving From His Crotch to His Heart_ Maximilian Lagos

Much to Explore at Sexploratorium!

Naked Toni Reels ‘Em In

Never Too Old to be Hot and Bothered

New Wave Lookers_ The Emergence of Female-Friendly Porn

No Beer Goggles Needed_ Miss Apodysis

No Such Thing As TMI on

Not a Mirage_ Toni Johnson

Observing What’s Funny About Sex_ John Woods of The Wet Spots

On the line with Phone Whore

Ooooooooh, Canada!

Open and Connected_ Samantha Fraser

Opening Up_ Expressing Your Sexual Desires

Overcoming to Keep on Cumming

Peeking into an Artist’s World_ Circé

Perfect Sexual Alloy_ Velvet Steele

Performance As Time Machine_ Emily Lola Lockheart

Performing Nature_ Ms. Natx

Pillow Talk_ All Genders Wellness Centre

Pillow Talk_ Aspiring Pornographer Alexis Zmoke

Pillow Talk_ Baring All about Burlesque

Pillow Talk_ Bruce LaBruce

Pillow Talk_ David Gaudreault of

Pillow Talk_ Domina Doll’s Green Sex Toy Month

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Pillow Talk_ NOIR Fetish Ball

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Pillow Talk_ Rabbit’s Reviews

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Pillow Talk_ Sir Kira

Pillow Talk_ Talking Tantra with Devi Ward and Jacques Drouin

Pillow Talk_ Tasha Riley of AIDS Vancouver

Pillow Talk_ Winnipeg’s Kinky Konnections

Pillow Talk_ Yoga for Sexual Health

Playing sexy notes_ Layla Labelle

Positive, Playful and All-Inclusive_ Sexual Overtones

Pray for Intervention_ VisionTV’s Sex Scandals in Religion

Preaching the Good Word of Tassles_ Fogtown Follies Burlesque

Prepared for Post Secondary Shenanigans

Proving Canadian Women Rock_ Andee

Proving why Sex Matters_ Cynthia Loyst

Provocative, Sexy, Emotional_ The Art of Dawn Kress

Queer Women Have a Voice in Queeries

Rabble-rousing for All to Read_ Andrea Houston

Raw, Positive, Love_ Mina Gorey

Reach Out and Touch Someone…If You Can!

Reaching For The Stars…On Her Back_ Canadian gang bang record attempt

Remembering and Celebrating Wendy Babcock

Resist, Refuse, Rebel_ SACHA Works to End Sexual Violence

Retro-erotico-chic_ Blue Light Burlesque

Review_ Wickedly Sensual 2 in 1 Flavoured Heating Massage Lubricant

Roaring for Razzle Tassel!

Rogue Words_ Devyn Christopher

Rookies of the Year_ Bourbon&Spice Burlesque

Rope Bondage as Art_ Morpheous Ties Up Nuit Blanche

Sensational Burlesque Superstar_ Scarlett James

Set Phasers to Stunning for Nerd Girl Pinups

Sex is Her Niche_ Danielle Stein

Sex Magic_ world premiere at Hot Docs

Sex on the Airwaves_ Jeanette Cabral

Sex Work and the Media_ A New Perspective

Sex, Relationships and Radio_ Matt Scott

Sexy Typewriter Seeks Someone to Finger Keys

She gets your motor runnin’_ Sasha Van Bon Bon

Shifting Sex Research_ Lauren Albrecht

Short Skirt Butch_ Poly, Break-ups and Indentity Explored

Songs in the Key of Sex_ Lefty McRighty

Sophisticated and Sexy_ Les Coquettes

Spinning Yarn into Spinning Tassels!

Spreading the Pink_ Anna Von Frances

Start the New Year with a Bang!

Stealing Time with Villainy Loveless

Stunt Cock_ My Dip into Amateur Porn

Taking Personal Breaks During The Day_ Josey Vogels

Taking the Outlaw out of Sex_ Paddy Jane

Tanya Cheex_ Toronto’s Queen of Burlesque

The Beautiful Triumvirate Celebrated at Love Sex and Romance Show

The Book That Makes You Come_Joey Comeau

The Conundrum of Sexapalooza

The couple that works hard together, plays hard together_ Casey and Jennifer

The Design of Sex_ Joey Wargachuk

The Joy of Obsession_ Mistress Emma

The Loving Dominant_ Lady Seraphina

The Pleasure of Escape_ Max Cita

The Sex Show Approaches From All Angles

The Sex-Positive Community Thanks You, Jack Layton

The Sound of Getting Started_ Jess MG

The Swelling Tide of Sex-Positive Culture

This Girl is Wild_ Shannon T. Boodram

Tied to Beautiful Images_ David Lawrence’s Rope Bondage Photography

To Not Enjoy Them Would be Immoral_ Sin Sisters

To Tweet or Not to Tweet_ Monica Hamburg

Trade Secrets Reveals Much About Sex Work

Trick and Treat_ Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2010

Turned on by The Sex Appeals

Turned On to Community Sexuality Needs

Unleash your Sexy, Strutting, Stripping Self

Venus Envy Ottawa_ Cranking Sex Education Up To 11 For 10 Great Years

Venus Portraits_ Celebrating and Empowering

Vigil for Remembrance, Vigil for Action_ Honouring Lost Queer Youth

Vote for More Burlesque!_ Capital Tease

Vote For Sexy Student Council President_ Veronika Swartz

Wascally Sexy Wabbits_ Brash Bunnies Burlesque

Wendy Babcock_ 24_7 Inspiration

When It’s Good, It’s Great! Bren Ryder and Good Dyke Porn

When the camera is on me, I just switch on_ Siren Thorn

Words to Consider_ Lady Joan

Writer, Porn Star, Honey Badger_ Jeremy Feist

Writing What She Lives_ Eroticist Giselle Renarde

Yes Mistress, No Sir_ Do’s and Don’ts of Fetish Parties

Your Local Neighbourhood BDSM Club_ Prairie BDSM

Your Local Neighbourhood Boudoir Studio_ Rebecca McKay Photography

Your Local Neighbourhood Community Centre_ ALCC

Your Local Neighbourhood Corsetiere_ Lace Embrace

Your Local Neighbourhood Fetish Dance Party_ Cirque de Boudoir

Your Local Neighbourhood Gay Bar_ 302 Lounge

Your Local Neighbourhood Housecleaner_ Sexy Maid Montreal

Your Local Neighbourhood Latex Fashion Designers_ House of Etiquette

Your Local Neighbourhood Lifestyle Club_ Allure

Your Local Neighbourhood Nutritionist and Chinese Medical Practitioner_ Melissa Ramos of Sexy Food Therapy

Your Local Neighbourhood Online Sex Shop_ Forever Pleasure

Your Local Neighbourhood Online Sex Shop_ The Love Muffin

Your Local Neighbourhood Photography Studio_ This is Photography

Your Local Neighbourhood Pin-up Photographer_ Pin-up Perfection

Your Local Neighbourhood Queer Community Centre_ The Well

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop Co-Operative_ Come As You Are

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ Discreet Boutique

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ Good For Her

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ Positive Passions

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ The Kiss Store

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ The Traveling Tickle Trunk

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ Trinity Romance

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_Lucky You!

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Company_ Avelli

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Inventors_ We-Vibe

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Party_ Sex Ed With A Twist

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Worker Web Designer_ Hush Web Design

Your Local Neighbourhood Sexual Alchemists_ Sex Butter

Your Local Neighbourhood Sexy Scientists_ Lust Cosmetics

Your Local Neighbourhood Social Club_ Club KinQc

Your Local Neighbourhood Swing Club_ Club E.S.P.

Your Local Neighbourhood Underwear Designers_ Gregg Homme

Your Local Neighbourhood Upscale Lifestyle Club_ The X Club